History and made in Italy


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Ceplast was born from the intuition of Rosildo Centinari.
For 50 years in the flexible packaging production sector, it has experienced transformations, growths and generational transitions that make Ceplast spa an appreciated and important reality in Italy.

Total production takes place in Terni (Umbria) in our site which covers over 10,000 covered square meters.

The combination of specialized skills, know-how, latest generation technology allow Ceplast to produce up to 5 million biodegradable and compostable bags each day including shopping bags, fruit and vegetable rolls and bags for separate collection.

Italian and foreign main market is focused on large-scale retail trade and all subjects related to the management services of separate waste collection.



The strategic policy that CEPLAST has always been able to exploit is quality, an aspect recognized by the market and by customers who are increasingly aware and attentive to the guarantee of product and supplier quality.

CEPLAST has adopted the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification systems, in order to improve all the processes implemented in its organization.